Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pala, Saturday 03.01.2014

Session notes: I'm kind of stuck in a bad run again. I am ending up with hands, but running into the top end of everyone's ranges. I've managed to keep losses to a minimum, but I know that my recent losses have affected my play by way of some entitlement tilt. I need to get a handle on that.

Session stats:

Day of week: Saturday

Session 1: MTT - $135 buy in, 15K stacks

Start time: 12:23 PM End time: 4:45 PM

Profit/(Loss): ($135)


  • Played well. Defining moment was getting it in good and losing to a two outer that left me short stacked.

Session 2: 1/2 NL, $200 buy in

Start time: 5:37 PM End time: 9:02 PM

Profit/(loss): ($100)


  • Most of the losses were taken playing too wide opening range at a bad table. I end up flopping 8-12 out draws that require me to continue on the flop. This is where entitlement tile shows up!

Interesting hands: Here are a couple interesting hands from this session.

Hand 1: QJo BTN (tournament)

Situation: This is a little later in the tournament. Blinds are 500/1000/200. I have about 12 BBs and am short stack. Hand has been limped three ways preflop. Villain 1 is maniac that plays way too many hands pre. Villain 2 is still playing a limp/fold style - obviously does not make it too deep in these types of tournaments. SB and BB are very tight. Table is 7 handed.

Hero has QJo on BTN. Two limpers. I raise to 2500. Blinds fold and two limpers call. Preflop pot is 7500 plus blinds (1500) plus antes (1400) = 10400

Flop is 9c6s4d. Checks to hero. Hero bets 4000. All fold.

Analysis: I need to understand how to do this more often in tournaments!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

Didn’t I Say I’d Update Every Week?

I’m still around. Hope to get something going in the next couple of weeks…