Monday, July 25, 2016

Exactly Why I'm Not Training - Week 3

Things are hot a heavy on the work front these days. I'm not making it home much before dark, and in July that is not good for the exercise front. On the other hand, it can make for some outstanding views at dinner.

The good news is I'm still tracking on the calorie plan. I *would* like to get to walk though so I can have the after dinner ice cream....

Scorecard for week ending 7/24:

Exercise sessions: None
Miles: 0
Weight loss week/total: 1.5/7 (noticing the clothes fitting a little looser already).

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 2: Not Meeting the Goal!

Well, that week didn't go per plan.

An entire week of late evenings at work pretty much doomed the exercise front. I had intentions of getting out Saturday and Sunday, but chores, visiting the parents, etc. left little time to get out for any length of time. At least I was somewhat active around the house over the weekend.

I'm tracking to my food plan though. Down a pound and a half.

Scorecard for week ending 7/17:

Exercise sessions: None
Miles: 0
Weight loss week/total: 1.5/5.5

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 1, Already a Setback

Where did the week go? 

I got out on Tuesday for 3 miles in the evening. It was a wonderful walk along the Back Bay here in Newport Beach.

Wednesday was a late night home from work (after 8PM). I didn't make it out the door Thursday.

No big deal though. I had Saturday and Sunday to head to the hills. Or so I thought. In my haste to get out of the house and off to work in time to prep for an 8AM meeting, I guess I must have twisted awkwardly. That was all she wrote. I was down for the count...

Actually, I was good enough to work and sit in a chair, but doing anything else (like standing up and walking) was pretty painful.  I've been on 600mg of Motrin every 6 hours since, and while I can at least walk around the house, getting up out of a chair is still painful. 

So, only one walk this week. My calorie counting is in full effect though, so I'm down one pound.

Scorecard for week ending 7/10:

Exercise sessions: 1 walk
Miles: 3.03
Weight loss week/total: 1/4

I'm going to post this. Let's see if IFTTT works!