Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And So Another Week begins

I’m not trying to set a new record or anything – but this is my second post in two days.

Yesterday was a non-run day. Went out with my youngest son (who is now at least two inches taller than I am) and shot some hoops instead. It’s nice having the clan home for the holidays.


(Note: This photo was from my youngest son’s High School graduation last spring. The two on the left are both at UC Irvine, youngest at UC Riverside, and the one on the right is some fat guy trying to steal the spotlight).

This week’s workouts will be more of the same of the past couple of weeks:

  • Monday: Scheduled rest
  • Tuesday: 4 to 5 easy miles
  • Wednesday: Scheduled rest
  • Thursday: 4 or 5 easy miles
  • Friday: Scheduled rest
  • Saturday: 4 or 5 easy miles. Going to see if I can handle an easy trail on Bommer Ridge
  • Sunday: We’ll see how Saturday goes.

In addition, I’m doing some quad strengthening exercises (from Cool Runnings). I’ve got to get some core work started as well. Perhaps this week. At least the cruiser is turned and heading the right direction.

One of the reasons I haven’t started the core work yet is really a lack of available time. The time suck that I’ve been engrossed in is fellow blogger Patrick’s little project. He has resurrected the Endurance Athlete Project. This has some serious legs!  I look for it to be the Facebook for the Endurance Athlete. And before you poo poo the fact that he’s a triathlete and you’re not, EAP is flexible enough that anyone who runs more than a half marathon qualifies as an Endurance Athlete. Come on over and join in the fun! Look me up (gwjones) and friend me!


  1. I'm holding my breathe, biting my lip, and not going to say anything to jinx anything ... nothing ... zero ... nada

  2. I have been telling everybody who asks about core work to go to my blog and check out Kristin White's Interview.

    The Bridges Of Kenya is a great core workout and while I am barely paying the toll booth it is a tremendous core set.

    I will look you up on EAP and thanks for reminding me that I owe Patrick an email.

  3. What a great looking family you have, Glenn.

  4. I get up really early(4:45am) so I have time to do a little core. I hate every minute of it but I know it's good for me! Great workout week!

  5. Hey Glenn! TO get my knee back to working and pain free, I did glute and hip exercises. That really helped to get me pain free. I felt like I had really weak hips (again) and that was causing problems.

  6. boy that "fat" guy, he seems to be stalking your blog or something. he shows up pretty regularly! ;)

    if you really were fat you could be the next "big pun". har har har.

  7. What a great looking family! And you are not fat at all silly.

    Glad to see you running and blogging again. :)

  8. Good looking family...even the guy on the right! I hope to run into you at a CA race or trail run sometime in 2011!

  9. Quite the clan there Glenn - you should be proud of that group!!! Core work is sooooooooo hard to commit to....

  10. Fantastic family picture!!!!

    Core workouts-yeah those....must really get my butt in gear to do my core workouts!!! Let me know when you start!!