Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Big Fat Zilch

Zero. Nada. Zippo (not the lighter). That’s been this week’s running output.*

I know. No excuses. It’s all about desire. But, each of us has a different reason for running. I use running as a release from the day’s trials, tribulations, and stresses. Which naturally means my running takes place near the end of the day. It used to be a ritual that I used to wrap up the day.

Well, a few months back, everything started changing. Back in January (has it really been that long?), I blogged about a big life change. Yes. I was going to be unemployed. I blogged about Marketing for a Job, using LinkedIn as a resource, and establishing a personal brand for differentiation. I then talked about getting out and networking. Meeting people. Having coffee, lunches, and getting the job search on track a la 2011.

I went to work. Met a lot of people. Started establishing/re-establishing my network. And nothing happened. Week turned into months. And nothing continued happening.

It took a little introspection to realize something. If this was a training cycle, and my training was getting me nowhere, what would I do? I’d be looking for a change. Why is it that when we’re talking about our hobbies, we are always capable of figuring out what to do, but with our livelihoods it’s a different story?

Well, I did just that. Went for the curve ball. Tried different things. And in these past two weeks I’ve had four interviews. Including a phone interview Monday afternoon, a lunch Tuesday afternoon, a phone interview Wednesday morning, and another call planned for Wednesday afternoon. Which means I’m spending my time late in the evenings studying up. Getting prepared. So – sorry running – my attention is required elsewhere for the time being!

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll talk a little about some of the things I changed to get some traction in the job search. Let me tell you – things sure have changed since the last time I went on the prowl for a job back in 1996!

* Well – not really. I did get 2 miles in on Monday evening. And will be out and about Friday. And Saturday. I need to get some release from the trials, tribulations, and stresses of the job search!


  1. Congratulations on all the interviews Glenn... And for having the courage to look for a change!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Great! Be curious to know the changes you made. Keep kickin!

  3. That is great news Glenn. Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy your family time!

  4. Interviews are very hard to come by nowadays. Congratulations & I hope you had a good Thanksgiving Glenn.

  5. Keep on keeping on. It's all you can do. I've read through your blog archives and love it. You seem to have a lot going on for yourself and a nice following. Good luck with the interviewing and job hunt.

  6. Awesome on the interviews!! Hope you enjoy your family time!!

  7. Nice to hear the change of pace is paying off. Looking forward to hearing what worked.

  8. I like the training cycle perspective - it's spot on. Isn't it funny how being a runner, we're such creatures of habit yet the second something doesn't produce for us in training, we look for the first thing that needs to go! Change is a good thing indeed.

  9. sorry to hear you're still on the search! i know you'll find something...