Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It’s Wednesday. Yay!

Well, it’s Wednesday and that means only one thing. Tomorrow is my flight home! Yay!

The good news about being home (other than the obvious) is that Friday and Saturday mornings are spent catching up on my blog reading. These days I’m really into Flipboard. If you have a mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad), you really should look into the app. It is the coolest reader ever!

The other good news is that summer is winding down. It’s no longer 95 plus degrees when I get back to my hotel in the evening. Two days this week I’ve been able to head outside. In fact, today I “charged” up the hill across the street from the hotel. It was only 86 degrees when I took off at 6:45PM!  Whew!

Running Folsom, CA - Marriott 9-19-2012, Elevation

Please note: There is *no way* that I am going to *ever* show time as the X axis…….


  1. I checked out flipboard on your recommendation, its nice app. Nice to see you're running!

  2. LOL, that's okay that you hide the time... ;) Can't wait for a cooldown for sure!

  3. Time doesn't matter right're out there doing it - hooray!!

    I should check out that app...I've had my iPhone since March and I just downloaded my first app the other day :). I'm so cool!

  4. What's an x-axis? :D

    It was 88 downtown today, only mid-70s at the beach. Doubt I'll ride that far this weekend, but it's nice it's not so hot anymore.