Monday, October 20, 2014

Sort of Kind of

I’m limping along…


Distance: 2.66 miles @16:44

Calories: –377


Distance: 0

Calories: +528


Distance: 0

Calories: Date night! Tried out Lark Creek. Shared an awesome whole roasted cauliflower and a mushroom gruyere turnover.


Distance: 2.65 miles @ 16:23

Calories: –231


Distance: No distance, but spent two hours mowing my parent’s lawn. Way more exercise than a neighborhood walk.

Calories: Chinese buffet negated any calorie burn from the lawn mowing!

So – I’m making some progress. Now to dig for some motivation to keep it up. How about this from an old running buddy this past weekend?

1 comment:

  1. Take 2:

    Great video, congratulations to all the ultra runners! So inspiring.

    That cauliflower things sounds good, too.