Sunday, November 30, 2014

Now that *that’s* over..

Thanksgiving is always a festive time at the Jones household. This old man gets to dust off the apron and put together a feast for the family that gathers at the abode. The morning starts out with a relaxing cup of coffee. It doesn’t hurt that it was forecast to be a sunny 80 degrees.

The fun and festivities start about 10 in the morning with some hickory chips soaking in water. I use these to smoke the turkey.

Yes. Smoked turkey. On the charcoal BBQ. One of the perks of living in Southern California:

The real fun starts around 2, when I get working on the standard fare and then throw in one or two new dishes for variety:

Prime rib:

Green bean casserole:


Candied squash (I prefer squash to yams):

For variety this year, I threw in an asparagus, tomato and feta salad. Steam some tender asparagus so that it is tender, but firm. Heat about a tablespoon of EVO in a large skillet, toss together the asparagus with some halved grape tomatoes until heated through, and then sprinkle some feta cheese on your concoction:

The second new dish this year was soyccotash. Just like it sounds. Succotash with edamame instead of lima beans. Delish!

Just about time the all the fixin’s are done, it was time to take the turkey off the BBQ:

Mmmm mmmm if I say so myself! Dinner at 5!

Oh. And I made it out for a stroll around the neighborhood too:


Mileage: 2.66 @ 16:24


Mileage: 2.66 @ 16:20.

Now that the “big day” is over – time to start tracking the calories again. I sure hope the damage from the past couple days is salvageable!

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