Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dead Ends

I think this post is kind of what life has been like the past few months. When I finally get the urge to run, I run – right into obstacles.

I decided to check out a trail that I hadn’t run before. I found out about this trail from a story that appeared in our local newspaper about a month ago.

I found the unmarked entry to the trail pretty easily and headed down into Buck Gully:


Unfortunately, after about half a mile, I found out the hard way they weren’t done with trail construction:


When the trail work here in Buck Gully is done, we’ll have another 5 or so miles of pristine wilderness in the middle of civilization:IMG_1400IMG_1401IMG_1402IMG_1403

And if you don’t believe that it’s in the middle of civilization – check out the green on one of the holes at The Resort at Pelican Hill:


Where there’s a will, there’s a way. A different way down into Buck Gully. I climbed into my car and headed off to the entrance to the canyon from up above off San Joaquin Hills Road:


Guess what?


No problem. This one was easy to get around.


By this time it was getting dark, so I slowed down to enjoy the setting sun and the views toward the ocean and Catalina:


Long story sort, I made it down into the depths of Buck Gully from above, only to run into this:




Oh well. I got to climb back out to this:


Next up – I know I’ve been tagged Kepa, lindsay and Slomohusky!


  1. i tagged ya as well. how much of a fine or any, if you are caught on the trails beyond the posted signs? just curious since i am always one to be blinded temporarlily by white signs.

  2. And with the dead end symbolism is your determination to get 'ER done!! Hard work. Dedication. Now I sound like Dolvett on biggest loser. Bout time you played the tag game... :)

  3. you're a rebel breaking through those barricades! you go Glenn.

  4. I HATE dead ends. But I've found that they are really never dead ends. There's always some way around, or under or above them. : )) Great adventure!

  5. Hope you got to run good distance despite the dead end.