Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello Old Friends

A couple days on a hotel treadmill, one day in the back bay done, I needed to be on my feet for an hour one day during the weekend to fill out my training plan. I opted to take some old friends out of my closet this morning. It was hot and humid out and I am in less than prime shape, so it was a struggle to finish. I’m still sweating like a pig and trying to cool down, so I’ll let the photos do the talking:

Hello old friends!


A *warm* welcome to Crystal Cove:



Hot and humid, but the views are still incredible


Down in the canyon. Now for the climb out:


Now I know how a dog feels:

20120819_101144Running Big Canyon 8-19-2012, Elevation


  1. Awesome! And love the shoes. I was going to go to Crystal Cove this morning too!! But when I got out of bed and stepped down, I nearly fell to the ground (rolled ankle yesterday : ( Glad you're back. Hope to be seeing ya.

  2. Wait... You were on a HOTEL TREADMILL???

    That is some serious dedication!

    Glad you're back Glenn

  3. I love that wide open countryside. I live on an island so I don't get to run in areas quite like that.

  4. Glad to see the reemergence of the ol' Glenn hitting the trails when he can and the machines when he must.

  5. YAY for hotel treadmills! Now you're getting it!!

  6. Much cooler tonight (Wed.), so you'll definitely be able to go an hour or more this weekend without dying. Loving the cool breeze, finally.