Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back to Running!


Well, last evening I laced up my shoes and got back to running for the first time since the marathon. Most of the pains from the "Sojourn in San Diego" were gone, and my blisters have healed to the point that I am able to walk in sandals again.

I'm adopting Hal Higdon's Novice Recovery Plan ( His plan is really a 5 week plan starting at the finish gate. With the blisters I suffered from, I was concerned that I was going to have to miss a portion of the recovery. One of the cool things about his plans is that he has a Forum that he is quite active on ( A post to the forum and the man himself responded the same day! Turns out that week zero is really a flexible week anyways, so I was advised to step into week 1 whenever my physical condition allowed me to. So, last night, I stepped into week 1 with an easy 2 miles on the CDM track.

It felt strange to get my legs moving again. I kept it slow and easy, taking 20 minutes for the 8 laps. This morning now, my legs feel quite fatigued! Today I get to run an easy 4 miles. I think I head down to lower back bay and put in my time this afternoon.

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