Thursday, June 19, 2008

Four More Weeks

Went to the doc yesterday and got my stitches removed! The difference is night and day from a week ago! It's amazing what modern medicine can do!

Actually, I need to give a lot of the credit for post accident care to my wife. She was the one that religiously made sure that I kept my scrapes and abrasions clean and gooped up. Every day she cleaned the abrasions with a water/betadine mixture and then applied the bacitracin zinc ointment to my face and hands. The transformation was amazing! Here is before:

And here is after:

Now for the bad news. The doc is still worried about the jaw break. Right now everything is healing up nicely. Nothing had to be done with the break because nothing was displaced. But, he is worried that the repetitive jarring caused by running could cause some displacement in the fracture, so I need to wait four more weeks before I can start running again. I guess that means that I'll be putting this training cycle on hold.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be adjusting my diet to deal with the lack of exercise. As soon as I can, I'm also going to get back on the ergometer to work some calories off. I'm hoping that I can get going here in a week or two.

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