Thursday, June 12, 2008

I can Feel my Knees!

Today was an easy 4 miles on the Higdon recovery plan. Evidently I didn't go easy enough! I did a four mile run up the San Diego Creek trail in the evening. I had to work pretty hard to keep my pace down (sound like a broken record?). Everything on the run went fine otherwise. This is the first real distance and only my second day of running since the marathon. It felt good to get back out on the trail and get the sweat flowing!

Now that I'm back and resting I'm really surprised how stiff my joints are! I did all of my training miles without any muscle or joint problems, but a little 4 mile run has me hobbling! Well - tonight calls for a short 2 miler. I think I'll bike to work today and then do a short, slow 2 miler tonight to see if I can get loosened up.

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