Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did I Really Say That?

So, the midyear goal status checkpoint has come and passed. As so many have done, I went back and checked to see where I was with my goals. My response: “Did I really say that?”

The bottom line is that I have not been making progress at all. I basically had two goals for the year:

  1. Lose 40 pounds by 12/31/2011. There you go. Achievable (3 lbs per  month). Measurable (40 pounds, needs to be done by 12/31).
  2. Climb Mt. Whitney by Labor Day. Achievable (did it before – it wasn’t easy though. Almost turned around day 1). Measureable (make it to the top, needs to be done by Labor Day).

These goals are not happening this year. Why? Because I never bought into the tactical plan. In short, if this were my job this year, I would have been fired.

It’s time to, once again, pick myself up and dust myself off. I have a lot of things going on these days in a bunch of different life theaters, so right now my ability to commit to any type of serious training is pretty much off the table.

But, my ability to commit to some serious weight loss continues to make progress. Last week I was only down 0.5 pounds, but this makes three weeks of consistent weight loss. And even though I have been a little less than diligent in tracking my intake, I am making some conscious eating decisions.

I’m running when I can, and not stressing when I can’t. 15 miles per week is about my max right now. I’m going to adopt a plan that looks like this for the time being:

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays: 3 miles when I can
  • Wednesday: 2 miles just to enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather
  • Saturdays: 4 or 5 miles when I can

I’m  not sure how long this will last though. I have a couple of prospects on the job front that will have me doing some significant commuting, living (during the week) in a different city, and working significant hours for a significant client. Nothing is for sure yet, but it’s a lot further along than just a couple months ago.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling!


  1. Good luck rolling with the changes! I feel you on the job arena... from one day to the next, I don't know for certain if I get to come back, where I'll be, etc. It's definitely a mental roadblock when it comes to training of any kind, though I'm going day-by-day at this point.

    Sorry about the goals. You're headed in the right direction, so I wouldn't give up completely!

  2. Possibilities are possilbilities, right? I'm hoping for great things for you on the job front and the goals...well, you just need to start again! Everyday is a new opportunity!
    Stay strong.

  3. Losiing weight is sooo hard. The fact that you are having progress is great! Good to have goals. Times are tough in The O.C. for so many people, so don't get too down on yourself for not being "right on track." Labor Day is far, far away isn't it?

  4. I so wish you were going up Whitney with us...I feel like it was "our" plan from the get-go and like part of us isn't intact. But will be great to see you nevertheless, can't wait.

    Sometimes life just gets in the way and our goals take a backseat, but you are going in the right direction and your attitude is so inspiring!

    btw, I have no business doing Whitney - I hope I survive!

  5. weight loss is tough. takes an effort both on calories in and calories out. and requires being okay with being hungry at first. not easy. maybe revamp to something more reasonable? a lower number that you can REALLY buy into?

  6. some people think that when you're unemployed you have more time to do all the things you want... but i know it can actually be more stressful and harder to do those things. good for you for maintaining a streak of weight loss! every little bit counts. as for the goals we make in dec/jan -- we never know what will come our way as the year progresses. just keep plugging away!

    hope the job hunt continues to improve, though living away from home is no fun!

  7. Good progress Glenn - when some of those other things calm down on the life front, you never know what might happen with the running. Could surprise yourself ;-) Have a great week!

  8. As long as you continue to have, and work at, goals....... achieving them is insignificant!

  9. Sorry for the poor grammar in my earlier comment :-o

  10. congrats on your weighloss!! A loss is a loss no matter how big or small!

  11. I truly admire your brutal honesty, Glenn.

  12. Good luck to you, Glenn! I admire your ability to set goals and reassess them. I hope you keep making progress towards your weight loss and fitness goals, and I wish you all the best on the job front. Keep moving forward!

  13. Very inspiring...thanks for the blog. I'm a newbie, only 1on month into jogging. Just started a blog of my own... check it out.

  14. Hope things work out for you on the job arena. It's rough out there for many.

    Lately, I've joined a couple of groups for runs, and I am not a fan of running groups. So far, it's gotten me out the door and on the run more frequently. Not sure if your schedule would permit such a thing, but it's just a thought.