Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Tough Workout Week

Well, after last week’s success, this is proving to be a tough week to get my workouts in. A number of appointments have found their way on my calendar (like I don’t want them or something?). I’m busy in the mornings, busy in the afternoons. It doesn’t look like my mid-week workouts are happening.

Oh well – Friday is actually going to be a day-long workout (a hike actually), so all is not lost. Sometimes we just need to let life take it’s course. Thank goodness I have no races planned.

On the calorie front, I’ve managed to stay within +/- 150 calories of my daily goal. It sucks being hungry….

I’ll check in again this weekend!


  1. are you doing the mini meals thing where you eat every 3 hrs or so? I find that when i do that, and make the snacks protein heavy, it really helps keep the hunger at bay

  2. Great job on the calories. It does totally suck being hungry.

    Enjoy your hike and take some photos for us please.

  3. Yea for controlling the eating!!

    As to the workouts, umm, not news to you, but with a 50 miler or another marathon as a goal, you're going to have to reconcile training with a hobby that has overnight hours (woohoo!) with client appointments during normal business hours. Even young athletes can't burn the candle at both ends like that. Marathoners need a regular eating, sleeping and workout schedule.

    No reason you can't do that, maybe for the next year make poker a secondary hobby, only as a treat or discipline yourself to be home early (9 or 10pm early).

  4. Good job keeping within your calorie goal. That is tough to do when life gets in the way of completing workouts, but it is great you are able to do that. Hope you are able to get your workouts in soon enough, and I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend, Glenn!

  5. Agreed on the hunger thing. Ditto on the protein. Greek nonfat yogurt is my savior!

  6. Totally understand not getting in the workouts because of life issues. I hope you had an awesome hike!!

  7. How's the cold?

    It's kind of tough sticking to a caloric plan, but you're doing it! Lisa's suggestion was pretty good, the eating smaller meals every three hours or so. It does work. Can you chew sugarless gum between eating? I don't know if that will work for you, but it did help me when I dropped 30 pounds 10+ years ago.