Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Guess Summer is Over

We’re in a weird transitional season in Southern California. Kind of in between what we call summer (a little bit of heat with no humidity) and winter (more like spring in the rest of the country).

The thing that identifies fall in Southern California are extremes. For example, in the last week, we had had days of upper 90’s (here at the beach – triple digits inland) followed two days later with fog and temperatures barely in the mid 60’s:


Saturday was absolutely spectacular with temperatures in the low 70’s, light breeze, and bluebird skies:


But, unlike the rest of the country where autumn looks like this*:


Here in Southern California, autumn looks like this:



Keep your head down and feet moving!

* Just to rub it in – the fall colors photo above was taken in Southern California – about six hours north of Orange County.


  1. Oh I'd trade you my leaves for your climate! Especially come winter when it's sub-freezing and snowing. You've got the right locale in my book!

  2. Yeah but, you don't have to endure months of cold, wet white stuff. I'll switch with ya!! :)

    Are you running Carlsbad 1/2, by chance? Did you know I was coming out to do the marathon? Staying with Meg again....let's try to get together, would love to catch up in person!

  3. The sun finally came out down here after almost a week of fog! It was so cold, it did feel like all though.
    I do miss summer...

  4. What misszippy and Jill said... Plus you could come rake the leaves after seeing all the cool photos of them!!!!

    When I have to run in -5 with wind, let me know how that "barely 60's" is treating you ;-)

  5. Fall by you looks like fall here in Texas.

    We got all the brown and green you can handle but no orange, yellow or red.

  6. I've been out to CA a few times, and it always looks exactly how it did in C.H.I.P.S. lol. The only word I can use to describe is Brown. That was just the places I was in though. But I would live there over dealing with the snow and ice here. 60's? Bring it on. Thanks weather man Glenn! Take care.

  7. I think we must be sighing in unison. I can't even watch live television right now because I'm so jealous of the bursts of color and cooler temps everywhere else.

  8. I do miss the leaves in Utah. Sou Cal is beautiful - just not right now. :)