Saturday, October 8, 2011


I guess that has one of two meanings. You get to decide which one fits:

The past six weeks have been all about hitting the reset button and making sure my body is able to handle some training stress. I’m handling four days a week pretty well. Starting next week, it will be about lengthening out. It will be about spending more time on my feet.

I picked up a 50K training plan (don’t make fun of the source guys – these women can run circles around most of us) and made a couple of adjustments. You can keep track of my progress here.

So – come join me as I learn about the ultramarathon world. Enough of the streets for me. Upcoming this week:

  • Monday: Scheduled rest
  • Tuesday: 3 miles
  • Wednesday: 5 miles
  • Thursday: 4 miles
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 12 miles
  • Sunday: Rest
  • Total mileage: 24 miles


  1. Sounds like you've got a plan Glenn - good luck!

  2. Right on Glenn - Trail running ultra man!!!!!!! Will be watching with great anticipation as you hone your ultra skills ;-)

  3. I admit I've gotten the itch for these after my first trail half-marathon... Looks like the dawn of a very interesting adventure!

  4. An ultra (or two) is on my bucket list, so I'm going to have fun following your adventure!

  5. OOOh, very excited for your 50! I like it!!!

  6. Committed, as in you forked over the dough?

    (My captcha word for this post is "fatest." Hmm.)

  7. You crazy. I wish you all the best with your training and look forward to seeing it unfold. Or, you finally wrangled into a straightjacket. Either way :)

  8. Wow, you are def challenging yourself. I think that will hit the spot man. Good luck with your training and cant wait to hear all about it. Go Go Go!!!!!