Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Can It Really Be?

Yes. I’m making an appearance. It’s been 6 weeks since I last pounded my keyboard on this blog.  And I’ve got to admit. There hasn’t been one mile run or five minutes on a treadmill in those 6 weeks. Sigh.

I’ve been eyeing all the pictures on all of your blogs. Of  the food, the sights, the races. Here’s all I have to offer for my six weeks:







The best news for me? I’ve had my “stay” extended. So it will be more of the same until September. I guess now that I know this is somewhat more permanent, I will need to start paying attention to some of the other aspects of life – like getting back into shape. I was noticing today how I was getting winded climbing one flight of stairs….

If you’ve been a road warrior, you know what it’s like. If you haven’t, here’s how we roll!


I’ll be checking back in a couple weeks. I promise!


  1. Glad to hear you are OK - been wondering how it was going for you! Keep up the good "work", now just figure out where to squeeze the FUN in ;-)

  2. hmmm ... Sept. thats about how much longer I predict the Kings will be in Sac City.

    Treadmill has to be somewhere near you hotel room? or wherever you are staying?

    there are some nice trails outside and around that area.

    do your best! keep kickin'!

  3. I know it's tough to exercise while living the hotel life, but I hope you can find a way to squeeze in a little activity a few times a week--even if it's "just" walking, better than nothing right? Glad you got a little employment extension, and hope the travels won't be too hard on you.

  4. In the brief bouts of work travel I have done/will do soon, I try to wake up early and hit up the hotel gyms... not the best, but better than nothing. I may have also brought my workout videos into the hotel rooms (the ones that don't require much space). Best of luck!

  5. Glenn. You have a gym in the hotel! COME ON! LOL

  6. Thanks for making an appearance man. Hope all is going well with you. Sometimes, life is just there. You'll come back into it im sure.

  7. Hope you can get motivated to get some training time during your extended trip. I can see, however, where your situation can be a real drag on training.