Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Much for This Week….

Between rain on Monday, 9:30PM dinner on Tuesday, rain and 8:30 dinner Wednesday, this week is a wash from a training perspective. Which really goes to show that at this point, training is about getting in shape and dropping some weight. No race reports for a while!

Speaking of weight, at this point, 17 lbs have somehow been removed from my (otherwise) ample frame. So far training appears to be successful!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some of You May Have Noticed...

Some of you may actually be picking yourself up off the floor this week. Yes. I actually read blogs and left some comments. And it's not Saturday or Sunday. Let me explain - I actually got to enjoy my own bed and eat some home cooked meals while working from Jones World HQ.

Which also meant that I had a chance to run on some of my old trails around the house. I said "had a chance" because even though I did, I just ended up puttering around the neighborhood this week - 3 miles here, 3 miles there. Which is a little tough because if I run an entire loop around my community, it only amounts to 2.5 miles.

Running Big Canyon 10-18-2012

At least there are some little rollers:

Running Big Canyon 10-18-2012, Elevation

The other big advantage when I run the neighborhood is that I get it done early in the AM so as not to embarrass myself. "Honey? Was there supposed to be an eclipse today?"

But alas, all the fun ends. Next week I'm back up in Sacramento. Sigh. Treadmills and restaurant food. At least I'll have an air conditioner. Yes you Eastern folks. We needed them this week in SoCal.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Will Summer Ever End?

Hey y’all! I have some spare time tonight so I thought I would stop in.

First off – thanks to all who sent their well wishes and concerns about my hip. I took last week off. It’s a wonder what some time off will do! (Hint hint to all my friends out there nursing nagging injuries).

So I’m back at it this week. Unfortunately the weather here in Sacramento is not cooperating (still in the low to mid 90’s when I leave the office in the evening), so I’ve been on the treadmill this week. I’m hoping the summer will end soon!

On the running front, I’ve been slowly chipping away at getting back into shape. Look for some lengthening out of my runs. I’ll be entering the realm of consistent double digit mileage weeks (as in 10+) this week. I’ve also knocked about a minute per mile off my training pace (which, by the way is still pathetic). I’m hoping another 4 weeks will put me back in the respectable range (in other word, to the point where I won’t be embarrassed to show that x-axis on my graphs). I’ve even put together an actual 26 training week plan that I hope to follow.

But - just in case you’re thinking – no - I haven’t signed up for a certain race that goes from the Stadium to the Sea in the city I was born and raised in! Yet. Maybe. Just maybe……