Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sunday Weigh In (Ugh)

Wrapped up the week with 5 trail miles. Also got on the scale. Ugh.


Distance: 5.12 miles @ 16.32. Did Buck Gully – 700 ft elevation gain/loss, 77degrees, 80% humidity (yes – it happens in Southern California)

Calories: 375 deficit

Weekly weigh in: +2 lbs (did I say ugh?)


Distance: 0

Calories: 80 deficit

Tuesday: No distance and no calories – family dinner party.

Distance: 0

Calories: ??


Distance: 0

Calories: 272 over (oops!)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Getting Caught up

So – I bet you thought that this was going to be another “oops – was too busy this week” post, didn’t you? Well, I actually got my lazy ass out the door and got the calorie tracking back on track this week.

There are a couple of changes though. Seems that I wasn’t have too much trouble tracking to my old calorie targets, so I’ve decided to get a little more aggressive. Using, I’ve targeted 1.5 lb per week loss, which puts me on a daily calorie target of 1790. I had a couple hiccups early this week, but toward the end of the week, I was able to fall into a bit more of a routine.


Distance: 0

Calories: 95 over goal


Distance: 2.65 @ 15:36

Calories: 259 under goal


Distance: 0

Calories: 388 over goal (oops!)


Distance: 0

Calories: 19 over goal


Distance: 2.65 @ 16:12

Calories: 54 under goal

Next will be Sunday weigh in. I’ll see how many steps back I’ve taken the last three weeks.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Is it Friday Already?

So here it is – Friday. Not one entry in the blog. Which is not good news. I’ve ratcheted down the calorie allowance in my MyFitnessPal profile (i.e., trying to lose more per week), but have not been religious in tracking. Also, late night at poker on Tuesday, late night at work Wednesday, early night to bed Thursday (how does 8PM grab you?), and all of a sudden a week has passed without any time on the road/trail. I’m not looking forward to Sunday weigh-in!

Not to make more excuses, but we’ll be celebrating son’s birthday this evening and I’m playing in a big poker tournament on Saturday – so in reality the next time I’ll be able to get back on track will be Sunday. I’ll hold on until then!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Behind the Eight Ball Again

Getting back on track has been postponed one week. I was traveling this week without a rental car. Forgot just how few restaurants are around Las Colinas. Forgot just how badly one can eat when relying on room service and food delivery. Forgot how many calories can be quaffed in airport terminals. Back at it this week.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting Back on Track (Again)

Okay okay. So I took a week off. (And I was still brave enough to get on the scale Sunday).

The one thing I really want to keep in mind is the reason for coming back here. This time around it’s not about training and racing. I’m way too busy personally and professionally to commit the time required to do that. This time around it’s about losing the 40 pounds that I put on during the last two years. Soooo….

I’m not going to beat myself up over a missed jog. Like this past Sunday. I *did* head up to the hills with the intention of getting my weekly long wog in. But – here in Southern California, we’re suffering from a bit of our standard seasonal monsoonal flow. For us Southern Californians here in the L.A. area, the monsoons don’t mean thunderstorms, but it does mean heat and humidity. When I got up to Park Ridge a little after 8AM, it was already 78 degrees with stifling humidity. I was sweating after just putting my shoes on. Knowing it was only going to get worse, I decided to bag the run.

Instead, I came home, showered and got the Sunday weigh in in. The result? Gulp. A gain of a pound. Serves me right for also putting calorie tracking on the back shelf.

Instead of beating myself up for a missed run, I *will* beat myself up for being lax about tracking my food. Back on track this week!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Gotta Get Back on Track

I’ve kind of fallen off the tracks on the calorie tracking. The problem is I’m starting to find it difficult to guestimate portion size using My Fitness Pal. Exactly how many cups is 110g? Say what?


I’m finding that many of the items that I’ve been consuming are portioned this way. I need to figure this out.

I changed up my exercise routine yesterday too. Instead of a run, I went for a 30 minute walk at the beach. Day’s end captured SoCal style:



Distance: 0

Calories: ??


Distance: 0

Calories: ??


Distance: ??

Calories: ??

Now to get back on track…