Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, nothing about running in this post. I'm in my hotel room in Knoxville TN. The weather here is like back home. In the low 50's. Although the wind is blowing pretty hard.

I flew from Cleveland through Chicago today. It was in the upper 30's and pouring in Cleveland. It was in the 20's and snowing in Chicago! I had to actually walk outside to get to our plane at O'Hare this evening. Wow! I do not see how some of you Eastern folks can put up with it!

The thing that I just love about living in Southern California is I can travel around and experience the rest of the country. But I know that it's only temporary, and that eventually I can go back to a sane climate. Yeah - there are other things that are wrong with Southern California, but the weather isn't one of them!


  1. 70's and sunny for a change here in SoCal. Better hurry back before it goes away!

  2. I will bet that kind of weather makes you appreciate southern California even more! :)

    As some of of say here in Minnesota, we have two seasons; winter, and a couple months of really poor ice fishing! ;-)

    Safe travels, Glenn!

  3. blah blah blah i live in perfect weather year round...

    50 is still not too bad but i definitely don't blame you for loving the socal weather.