Sunday, February 1, 2009

Around the Bay - I'm Coming Back!

Went out yesterday for my first double digit run since the Southern California Half back on January 10th. Before that, it had been December 7th since a long run! I am hoping my string of injuries and illnesses are done and that I can get back to putting some miles in. The good news is despite my lack of miles and the holidays, I have managed to keep my weight in check.

Yesterday's run was a 12 miler around the Newport Back Bay. My pace is a little off - 11:37 (duh), but I managed to average a heart rate of 80% MHR, with a max of 158 bpm (85% MHR). And once I got back to the car and got a Clif Bar and a Gatorade in me, I felt pretty good!

My next physical challenge is this sore back I've been nursing since my ski weekend. I did something to the muscles in my lower back, and it's not getting better. My first couple of steps are gingery, but once I get going everything seems to be fine. Running feels fine with one exception - downhills. The pounding going downhill is a little uncomfortable, and I am finding that I need to hold back a little whenever I'm coming downhill. This is going to be an issue this weekend at the Firecracker 10K in Chinatown - especially since the run is four miles of downhill. I am hoping that my workouts over the next week will help to strengthen things. Maybe I'll take my wife's recommendation and try some Motrin this week.

On tap today - four mile recovery pace. This will put me at 30 miles this week. I'm coming back!


  1. I am glad you are "coming back". I love to see when runners never give up despite illness and injury. 30 miles, great week!

  2. Wasn't this weekend's weather heavenly?! Motrin likely will relieve the pain, but do be careful out there.

  3. Nice job, Glenn! It sounds like you are on the mend. Great running this week, and I wish you continued success!

  4. nice job on the long run! i'm glad you are getting back to it, and keep listening to your body!