Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Better (?)

Well - maybe. I should be out running my 12 mile LSD run. Instead, I'm still lounging around (actually taking care of some chores) at 8:30 Saturday morning. I had the intention of getting out at 7 with us left over Cal Coast runners (those not doing Surf City tomorrow). But I hit the hay early last night (9 ish), and other than one coughing fit that woke me around 3, and shutting my alarm off at 4:45, I didn't "wake" until 6:30. By the time I got my cup o' joe into me, it was too late to make it out the door to meet up at the normal time. I hope this means that I am getting better (?).

Yesterday was a scheduled rest day, but I still got out for some walking around a wonderful place near Downtown L.A. Another college visit! This time we headed toward Downtown L.A. (about a 40 mile drive) to the University of Southern California. Unlike our family's UC Irvine legacy, I am the only one with a degree from USC (MBA 1986). This was my favorite school I attended (three all together - UCI, Cal Poly Pomona, and USC). I had forgotten how clean and manicured the campus was! The interesting thing was of the three schools that we have toured in the last couple of weeks, USC came out #3 on both my son's and daughter's lists. Oh well - at least I'll have some financial relief. Guess I'll have to continue buying football tickets.

After our tour (and another hour walking around checking things like OJ Simpson's Heisman and jersey), we headed into Downtown for some lunch. I forgot how much I miss being in Downtown! Right after receiving my grad degree, I worked in Downtown L.A. for about 3 years with a major Management Consulting firm. Granted, L.A. is not a Manhattan or a Chicago, but it is still alive during the day! Anyways, we headed through Downtown past Chinatown to Union Station where our lunch awaited us at Philippe. For those of you who are uninitiated, Philippe's is the birthplace of the French Dip. Philiipe's just celebrated it's 100th anniversary in Los Angeles. If you are ever in Downtown (Chinatown/Olvera Street actually), Philippe's is a must stop for a great french dip. Repeat after me - "Beef double dip with Swiss, cole slaw, pickle and a Diet Coke please." For you Easterners, that would be like "Wiz wit, Cheese Fries. Diet Coke." At least we only need to go to one window to order everything. Plus - you notice what we end our order with (ha ha! Just kidding!)

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  1. hope the extra rest helped clear the gunk out and you'll be ready for a new week with a new pair of lungs!