Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Six Miles on the Pavement, Looks Like Saturday is Go!

Yesterday was the test. I wanted to see how I would feel this morning after running two days in a row. I put in six easy miles in the evening on the Upper Back Bay. It was back to huffing and puffing to get the run in. I felt good and had to keep slowing down to maintain my heart rate in "Zone 3" (70% - 80% MHR). Average pace ended up being 10:34 over the six miles. Eehhh.

After I got back and started analyzing my data (can you tell at heart I am a digit head?) I noticed an issue. My easy runs should be happening in the 75% to 85% MHR, which should equate to 138 to 157 bpm. My run averaged a heart rate of 149. So, while I was slowing down, I really didn't need to. It also looks like I need to figure out how to update my profile on my Garmin!

But, the good news is that I am feeling pretty good today. Sore - yes, but not where I am glad that I'm not sore (if you catch my drift). It looks like Saturday is a go at this point. I'm going to do 4 miles easy today, and I'll be able to make a final decision tomorrow morning.


  1. Can't wait! Glad you'll be out there and can't wait to meet you!

  2. Yeah for a 6 mile run! I didn't realize you are running a half this Saturday! WOW!! Good for you!! I'll be thinking about you on Saturday! I'm running in the LA Sheriff Athletic Assoc Mug Run on Saturday morning-the third leg to get my beer we'll both be running together in some way on Saturday!!