Thursday, January 8, 2009

Three Days in Row

Okay - last night was the final test to see how things are holding up. I got in the car and drove down to Crystal Cove for a four mile run. I should have brought my camera because I ended up doing a beautiful four mile run partially on the sand at sundown. And it was beautiful sundown!

I can't really analyze my stats because there is construction going on and I had to spend at least five minutes walking and climbing over barriers to get to the trails to get back to my car. But, today I have no pain at all!

This of course means that the Southern California Half Marathon is back on the schedule! (Yay!) I'm not holding out for anything spectacular, and in fact am targeting a 10:30 pace (which would put me right around 2:18). But considering where I thought I was a couple of weeks ago, I'm not going to complain.

And for those who might be interested - a few of us from the Runner's World California Running Forum ( will be meeting up before the race on the steps in front of Ruby's Diner. Come join us and put a face to a name!

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  1. i'm glad you've had a bunch of good runs all in a row! i hope saturday goes well - no pain! good luck!!