Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Six Mile Jog

Oh - and here's my right lung. If I coughed up one lung Monday night, then I sure left the other one last night! My run went off without a hitch. I kept things slow (10:28 pace, 81% MHR). I'm getting impatient because I want to run faster, but after a month off, I keep bringing myself back to the fact that I'm not where I was last December. Grrr. And, in actuality, after looking at the data from my Garmin, I'm not all that far back from where I was last month.

Just when I thought you couldn't teach an old dog (and I'm getting older by the day) new tricks, I learned yesterday how to edit data from my Garmin. Every now and then, I forget to turn my Garmin off when I'm done. When I download my watch into SportTracks, I end up with a map that has a long straight line from finish to home! In the past, I didn't know how to get rid of the data, so I would just manually enter the run. But last night I figured it out!

First thing is to download the data from your Garmin to SportTracks. Select the run that you need to edit from your Daily Activity pane. Then, select "Edit Activity" and "Split" from the submenu:

The next window is a windows where you actually split your activity into two parts. I *always* look at my watch when I finish a run. I knew that my finish time last night was 1:02.21. So, I slid the slider control until the time aligned:

This edit control will split your workout into two pieces. So, the last thing to do is to delete the second portion workout that was created:

I had to check the calories and have SportTracks recalculate those, but I was left with a map and data that looked like my run!


  1. Hi Glenn,
    sounds like you're doing better. which garmin do you have? I have the 301 and i don't have this software. Great post!

  2. Yeah Glenn, you're much better than me. I didn't even know sporttracks existed. I've been using the rather simplistic default Garmin training center.

    Oh, and the good thing about coughing up both lungs is that there's nothing left to cough up!

  3. Nice. Sometimes I REALLY want a Garmin. And other times, all that software and gadgetry just looks just too complicated for me.