Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Good Run (For a Change)

I drug myself out of the door just before sunset yesterday. I had four miles on the calendar. Frankly, I wasn't looking forward to running because it's been quite a drag to head out for slow and labored runs.

I decided that because of the late hour, a run up the San Diego Creek trail toward UC Irvine was in order. The trail is wider and there tends to be less bike traffic after dark. I donned my reflective vest and headlamp and was on my way.

The first thing I noticed was the feeling that I was running! Actually running! Not plodding or slogging along. Pace was good, breathing wasn't labored. I watched my heart rate, and it settled into Zone 3 on my Garmin (75 - 85% MHR). I had that feeling that I was making some progress! I did have to slow down on the return as my heart rate went over 150 bpm, but I ended the run satisfied for the first time in a few weeks. Yeah I know - it was short, but it was a start!


  1. Yayayaya! I'm so excited to meet up with some fellow bloggies! :) Email me at danicakoo@gmail.com and then we can exchange numbers! I just signed up yesterday so I'm not really going for anything spectacular but it will be fun, plus I run in the area a ton!

  2. See... I had a feeling change was in the air. I had a similar run this morning. Bring it on, 2009! :)

  3. Hey, I just wanted to express how much I'm enjoying your blog. I know what you mean regarding the feeling of RUNNING, where you're just flying along and you've caught that sweet rhythm and momentum.

    I look forward to reading about your future runs, hopefully many more like this one! :)

  4. it might've been shorter than you want but it's a start. glad everything was 'clicking' and you were able to have a good run again!