Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! A look back at 2008

If you are here, then you've made it to 2009. Happy New Year!

Yesterday was 2 days in a row without pain! Yay! Four more miles! I hope I'm back on track. I still feel slow, but afterwards, I analyzed my run data and noticed that my recovery pace yesterday was *exactly* the same as the same runs three weeks ago. Maybe all isn't lost after all.

It's also time to look back at 2008. I entered the year with only one running goal in mind - running a marathon. I managed to do that in June. The rest of the year was icing on the cake! The amazing thing is here, six months after achieving my goal, I am still running and still enjoying it. Up until my hip episode a couple of weeks ago, I felt like every run was making me stronger and faster.

I am also happy about other running accomplishments this past year:
  1. Continued to set PRs at every distance (means it all worth it)
  2. Learned a whole lot of new stuff about running, exercise, heart rate training, diet and the like
  3. Set weekly and monthly distance records
  4. Was set to hit 1000 miles for the year (fell short by 43 miles because of my injury)
  5. Only spent two weeks on the shelf due to running related injuries

Now that I've been at this for a while (close to a year and a half) I think it's probably appropriate to set some goals for 2009. I'm going to put my thinking cap on and make that the subject of my next blog tomorrow. Thanks for reading along and Happy New Year!


  1. Hi there, your blog caught my eye as I thought about setting goals for 2009 especially as I'm the same age and hit 1000 miles last week. Best of luck keeping injury free and my one tip is take your eye off the times sometimes, some of the best runs / races I've had have been without a watch.

  2. congrats on your first marathon, and other great accomplishments of '08! glad you are starting to feel better and able to jump back into running. good luck putting together your goals for '09 - i'm sure they'll be good ones! looking forward to continuing to follow your journey thru the year.

  3. Glenn, I can't wait to hear your goals and possible races!!!! Sounds like you've had a great YEAR!