Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting It Back Together

Four miles yesterday. Really frustrating if you ask me. I am amazed how much fitness I've lost in the last three or four weeks while on the shelf. The good news is that I have no pain in my hip or leg. This after last week's 18 miles. The bad is that I am really struggling to make it through the easy runs. Just a couple of weeks ago I was running 9:45 easy miles. Right now I'm struggling to make it through 4 miles at 10:20 pace. There is *no way* that I am ready to start a marathon cycle.

I know - as much as I preach patience, when it comes to me I'm not the same. Why should I be? With this little injury I am really beginning to understand the lure of running. I can't think of things that are much more humbling than having to come back from an injury - even such a minor one as mine!

I know, I know - patience grasshopper. I checked the calendar and I have about 22 weeks before the Rock n Roll in San Diego at the end of May. I need to start the training cycle on January 26th in order to get to San Diego in decent shape (assuming an 18 week cycle). That gives me three weeks to see if I can *comfortably* get my base back up to 35 mpw. If I can't, then I will put RnR off for something later in the year. Time to practice what I preach!

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  1. 3 weeks is plenty of time! take it easy, don't rush it, blah blah blah you know the drill. 3 weeks. 21 days. it seems short in one hand, but on the other it's still plenty of time to take it easy and slowly build back up. i know it's tough but don't be hard on yourself. you have to start back up somewhere - just don't drag out the injury and aches. leave them here at the start of '09 for good!