Friday, January 16, 2009

Going Skiing!


Put in six more miles last night. Even though the pace was slow (10:17), heart rate was 81% MHR. I put in two miles in the 9:45 range, mile 1 and mile 5. Mile 4 (with a wicked uphill) is what put the overall pace in the tank. I am happy that I've put 4 days in a row this week for a total of 20 miles. By the end of yesterday's run I started feeling like I was running again.

I'm off on a weekend ski trip this afternoon. Mammoth Mountain is the closest big ski area to Los Angeles - about a 6 hour drive to the north. It is a world class ski mountain, although the resort/town leaves a little to be desired. It will be interesting because this will be the first time I've been skiing in at least 5 years. I used to be a once a week skier in college, but with kids, sports, etc., skiing quickly dropped off the list of things to do. I'm hoping all this running over the last couple of years has left me in better shape and a little stronger when I hit the slopes.

The interesting thing about Mammoth is it is the home of quite a running community. It is at an elevation (about 6000 feet) that is conducive to altitude training. In fact, Team Running USA is located in Mammoth. Runners like Deena Kastor, Ryan Hall and Meb Keflizigi live and train in Mammoth. In fact, Deena Kastor's husband is heading up an interval run for the local running club on Saturday! The weather this weekend is supposed to be absolutely fabulous. Temperatures are going to be in the low 50's (yes - typical ski weather for California) and the skies sunny and clear. Maybe instead of skiing on Saturday....... (Yes - I am taking my running gear)


  1. have fun in Mammoth and don't freeze to death! :) We used to go to Mammoth for running camp every year! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Do you train specific to heart rate? Just curious I have thought about doing it, but not sure if it seems to really help.

  3. RunToFinish - yes I do. Read Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitinzger (of the Pfiz marathon plan fame). He does a good job explaining how heart rate is really a better judge of where we are fitness wise. Pace is often used as a proxy only becuase most people did not have a HRM a few years ago.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. How great is it to spend a weekend where you can ski and run in shorts all on the same day!

  5. hope you're having a fun weekend skiing/running!