Friday, February 13, 2009

Tempo Thursday

Yup. Back to it. After Wednesday, I decided to step it up just a little and get a 40 minute tempo run in. This is the first workout other than a straight mileage run since late November. I put in a 10 minute warm up at a 9:24 pace, followed by 20 minutes at a 9:00 pace and a final 10 minute piece at a 9:40. It really didn't seem that fast. My average heart rate was 85% MHR, which means that I was probably pushing LT during the 20 minute piece. That makes for a successful workout in my book!

This week also kicked off my next Half Marathon training cycle. Right now I am planning to run a half on the weekend of May 3rd, 12 weeks away. I'm in the process of modifying my training plan to get rid of hill work in the first half of the plan. I will probably substitute intervals, exchanging speed for strength. This plan has me averaging 32 miles a week over the plan. I'll see what I can do to lengthen my non-race weeks to 40 mpw. At that point I think I'll be ready to transition into a marathon program when this one is done.


  1. great job on the tempo and here's to the excitement of a new training plan/goal race! can't blame you on taking out the hill phase... ;)

  2. Hey, didn't the doctor say no runs longer than 12 miles?! I love tempo runs, much more than repeats. And, yes, I row, only now it's at the gym. I am hoping to join a women's master team if we ever move closer to Mission Bay in SD.

    Oh, and another thing in common: I've got a daughter at UC Davis right now! I actually wrote a couple of blog posts about Davis that you'd probably enjoy.

  3. Nice job, Glenn. We like to hear about those successful workouts. Keep it up! And good luck with the half marathon training plan. I love the anticipation of training for something!

  4. If it didn't seem fast, then likely you are getting even stronger - awesome! What marathon are you running this year?