Monday, December 26, 2011

2011–A Year in Review

This pretty much sums up 2011:


Things started slow. And they never really picked up.

On the positive side, I think I’ve defined the Bell Curve:

Total distance

I also found this function that defines my waist size:



Heck. I even started with 371 items in Google Reader this morning.

Yup. Those are the lows of 2011.

Which will bring me to where I go from here. But, my readership numbers are in the dumps too, so I need to save that for tomorrow’s post.


  1. I am feeling good 2011 is near the end. 2012!!!!

  2. I got BSOD this morning when I was rebooting and I got one a week the last two weeks! What's up with that.

    My running year started on a high and went down hill from there. It graphs like the ramp for ski jumping but without the uphill blip at the bottom. Now that I think about it maybe it has the uphill blip at the bottom but I just went off "agony of defeat" style!

    Just remember one thing:
    Never Give Up!

  3. Hahah...I'm laughing at your graphs, but I suspect you don't think they are funny at all! I think I mastered the bell curve and my max peak was in 2009 also. Thankfully, 2012 is almost here :).

    btw, two rejection letters came on Christmas Eve. Yahoo! Not!

  4. I had one of those BS years, too (the post is coming in a few days, haha). Let's make 2012 awesome.

  5. But you've kept your sense of humor!

  6. LOL at the mileage graph. Such a scientific review of 2011 ;) it is what it is. It was a bit of a rough year with the never-ending job hunt so don't be too hard on yourself. And we're still here when you do have something to say! My 2011 was in the dumps as well, (for the most part) I'm just letting it roll. It is just running afterall. We ran some, sure not up to our potential but we did something. That's better than 99% of America!

  7. Hang in there. Better things for you are on the way. Positive vibes.

  8. Good graphic depiction of what the year was like for a lot of us. Every day just another Blue Screen of Death. Here's to a better 2012. At worst, it all ends in December by Mayan standards.

  9. It's weird, but my distance for the years from 09-11 look identical. lol. 2012 here we go.