Friday, December 30, 2011

One More Day…

Don’t worry. Today is a scheduled rest day, so you’ll get a day off from reading my blog tomorrow. Until then though….

With my body actively rebelling two days of hilly workouts, I decided that I would stick to the flatlands, and opted to get my workout on the paved trails of the Back Bay in Newport Beach.

Sometimes I’m surprised when people tell me the animals they are afraid of. Want to know what scares me?


Yes. You can yell and scare coyotes. You can hear a rattlesnake. But surprise a skunk? Oh man. I know people who’ve had that experience.

There’s a little for everyone around the bay. There is beauty for those who just want to enjoy life:


There are cars for the Housewives of Orange County:


There are beautiful sunsets:


Hills for those so inclined:


And mega mansions:


But, the coolest thing last night was the fog:

I got to my turnaround point just as it was getting dark. I put together this little video showing off my mad headlamp running skillz:

Now, please take this time to rest and relax. I’ll be back next week after my long (?) weekend run.


  1. glad to hear that everything is going well for you. The most skinks I see are already dead on the road. Have a Happy New Years, and a good long run. Cheers

  2. Can I come stay with you for a while? ; )

    Looks so beautiful. The east coast just doesn't compare.

  3. Looks awesome! Hey I know people who have been sprayed by a skunk. It really sucks. Ha. Ha. Hope your weekend is awesome!

  4. Hills for those so inclined? Ha ha ha, aren't you the funny man!!!

    Sure is dark in the 'burbs. O.O

  5. I'd like that mansion overlooking the ocean please! Hahah...right. Maybe in my next life! Happy New Year, Glenn! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

  6. Awesome post! My sister is TERRIFIED of skunks! So much so that she even has nightmares. That is a worthy animal to instill fear in the hearts of hikers I think.