Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So–Where Did We Leave Off Yesterday?

Oh yeah. 2011.

I, for one, will be happy to get 2011 behind me. So many things on a personal level didn’t quite go right. I seemed to always be on the defensive. I subconsciously started controlling the things I could – and what easier to control than exercise? I cannot tell you how easy it is to decide that it would be better to work out tomorrow. Sigh.

On the flip side though I really get to rub it in now. While you all are going to be stressing over miles to run, races to register for, and distances to PR, my goal for 2012 is easy:

“Be in control”

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it. But then so does running a 4:00 marathon. The difficulty lies in execution. Those who make the 4:00 marathon are willing to commit physically and mentally to the task of training for the marathon.

Life isn’t all that much different. It’s just most of us are too lazy to figure out what to commit to. Face it – when you’re training for a big race, someone gives you a training plan. You commit. You execute. The only difference with life? No one’s there to hand you a training plan. Which really means that we need to work a little harder to figure out what we’re committing to.

For me, I am going to re-commit to some core values:

  • Self Renewal: I will do things that lead to a long term effective lifestyle so I can have the energy to tackle each day.
  • Independence: I will be proactive in my approach to life. I will put things on my task list as they crop up. I will not let them languish. Especially if they are unpleasant. I will put first things first instead of doing what is easy because its easy.

That’s it. Pretty simple on the surface. As long as I have physical health and energy and deal with life’s ups and downs in a proactive manner, I will be way ahead of 2011.

Now comes the hard part. Execution. I find it’s real easy to fool myself and to convince others that I am justified. So, this year I am going to work hard to surround myself with positive people who have more than just their own interests are heart. Sometimes it nothing more than a “Good morning, What’s on tap today?” tweet.  Nothing like having to focus on today’s task list while on my first cup of coffee to help me prioritize my day.

So there you go. Let the countdown to 2012 start!

But first – it’s a beautiful day here in Southern California. I think I’m going for a walk….


  1. I hope you have a healthy and successful 2012! I felt less stressed just reading this post. To be in control and stay on track despite the unpleasantness. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. Why wait another 5 days - start it now Glenn!

  3. Great thoughts, I definitely agree with putting life into "effect" as soon as possible, even if the tasks and events are difficult, uncomfortable or hard.
    Focus is key :) !

  4. Glenn, just lace em up and go. Who cares how far and fast. B who u B. :)

  5. nice goals Glenn! i'm with you on the independence part. i need to work on that too.

    happy new year!

  6. Being "in control" helps so much, doesn't it? I hope this next year goes better for you.

  7. Sending (belated) wishes for 2012! May the new year bring bright days and bright opportunities.

    You're going to have to work harder to rub it in, though - I'm not stressing over my miles to run - - I'm letting it be matter of fact: no whining, no hitting the snooze button. Just lace my shoes up and go. Every day is a chance to re-commit and get in whatever miles that I need to. As much as they are numeric values, though, they are even more a sense-of-wellbeingness value, little bits that add up to the whole.
    (I can't even tell that that made sense).