Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Now That We Have Our Ducks in Order…

Once I caught on and got my ducks in order, I was finally able to effectively network and job hunt. The good news is that in the last two months I have had 4 or 5 opportunities come across my desk. Nothing has really solidified yet into something concrete (or even into something more solid than the wet cement that comes out of a truck), but things are pointing in the right direction. The only problem is that it’s taken me several months to get here.

Which brings me to a few suggestions:

  1. Think about hiring a career coach. Yes they are expensive. No they won’t do the work for you. But they provide expertise and will hold you accountable. If these are problems, it might be something you consider.
  2. Sign up for any webinars dealing with how to use LinkedIn. There are little tricks that you can use to get yourself elevated in search results. (If you are in Orange County, consider attending the Career Coaching Ministry at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest).
  3. Get ready for a roller coaster. I’ve been around a lot of years and have been through my fair share of trials and tribulations. I still wasn’t ready for the emotional swings of a modern job search. Just remember – when you are turned down, or worse yet, hear nothing from a position that you feel you are perfect for, it’s nothing personal. Instead look inward to see if you can figure out why you may have been passed up. Then take corrective action.
  4. Finally, you might want to consider going into business on your own. This takes a special type of personality willing to risk it all – but in times like these there may be opportunities for project related work in your field!

Once again – as Miss Zippy said – it’s a full time job!

Which brings me to a sore spot. My running has been relegated to even less than part time these days. I need to get on the stick here soon if I have a dream of making my goal race a reality. Last week didn’t go so well. I’ll try again this week. I need to start running. After all – I want to start eating!

  • Monday: Scheduled rest.
  • Tuesday: 3 easy miles.
  • Wednesday: 4 easy miles.
  • Thursday: 3 easy miles.
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 8 to 10 on the trails.
  • Sunday: Rest.
  • Total planned: 18 – 20 miles.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I am actually working on number 4. As for the running, you'll get it going on again soon I am sure. I don't know about you, but for my running to have any kind of shape to it, everything else in my life must be in good shape too. Take care.

  2. Great plan for the running - and the job hunting. Every now and then I get a request from someone on LinkedIn and I accept, but I've never done anything with it ... I guess there's many layers to it that I know nothing about. Keep pressing on, Glenn....I think a lot of companies are waiting until after the first of the year ... John has heard from 3 different companies in the past week (after 7 months of hearing from 2 total in that time) and they are all 3 hiring in January.

  3. Keep up the fight! I have been learning a lot from these posts as well.

    New URL needed - cheerfulrunner.blogspot.com