Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finishing Out The Week

It was a breezy, blustery day here in Southern California (temps never got above 60), so I put in my final two miles of the week in Buck Gully where I could get out of the wind. It rained overnight, so the going was slow – more of a gingerly traipse around standing water and mud on the trail. But, it got done. Chalk up week 1.

  • Plan for the week: 11 miles
  • Actual for the week: 11.9 miles

I made a trip to the local Japanese market today (whipped up some home made ramen for dinner). Unfortunately, there was fresh daifuku. As a result:

  • Calorie budget: 1780
  • Food: 2350
  • Exercise: 235
  • Too few/(too many): (238)

Sigh. I sure hope they bring good luck for the hit my calorie budget took!

For the coming week:

  • Monday: Fly day
  • Tuesday: 2 miles
  • Wednesday: 3 miles
  • Thursday: Fly day
  • Friday: 2 miles
  • Saturday: 3.5 miles
  • Sunday: 2 miles
  • Total planned: 12.5 miles

1 comment:

  1. Those little Japanese bread/pastries were my downfall this weekend, ha ha. Hope you get in (workout time) what you can this week!