Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Hills of the OC

I got out to the hills in Laguna Coast Wilderness yesterday. It was a gorgeous day:


That’s snow on them thar hills!


And when I turn around, there’s the ocean!


Down down down.


Time to take the headphones off so I don’t get run over by a cyclist


Down down down means up up up!

Running Deer Canyon-El Moro 1-5-2013, Elevation

I took a little detour off the beaten path a couple miles in. I have run into evidence of Native American life in the hills of OC before. You’ll often find these spots on flat rocky outcroppings. Spying one of these and knowing that cold blooded rattlesnakes are hibernating, I bushwhacked a little…


Who brought the acorns?


The view while grinding. Must be something about OC women.


Even somewhere to get out of the rain.

From the calorie front – I overshot quite a bit yesterday. Blame a good dinner!

  • Budget: 1780
  • Food: 2568
  • Exercise: 565
  • Too few/(too many): (223)

Oh well. Guess I’ll have to run on Sunday after all.

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