Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let’s Try This (Again)

Last I left the blogosphere, my knee was ailing and my life was changing. That was Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, I was doubled over in pain giving birth to my first ever kidney stone. Thank goodness I had a valium around the house.

But, I made it through that little episode and have settled into the new job. The only thing left to test is the knee. Tonight I laced up the shoes and took an easy two mile walk around the neighborhood. We’ll see how things feel tomorrow. If things seem fine, I’ll head out into the hills on Saturday morning.

By the way, I hope I’m not around (only because it would mean I’d be working way early on a Sunday morning), but if I were, I’d be able to watch the Long Beach Marathon from the building I’m working in:


Too bad that’s not the view from my office….


  1. Not a bad view, but I also like my Pikes Peak view from my office ;-) You got me on the 80 degree winter days.... Congrats on the new gig and get that knee healed up so you can get after those trails Glenn!

  2. Glenn, congratulations on the new job, and I hope your knee is on the mend. All the best!