Friday, March 15, 2013

Sigh. Grrrr!!!!!!

It’s been a few days since posting here. I’ve basically been on my butt since then. I took Sunday and Monday off as planned. Then I had some last minute things crop up on Tuesday that kept me on the sidelines (good things – not bad). So I couldn’t get out and test my knee until Wednesday.

Instead of actually running, I laced up the shoes and briskly walked over to the local supermarket, loaded up on some groceries (I had dinner duty on Wednesday) and then hoofed it back home – a 4 1/2 mile round trip – the second half with a 20 pound knapsack. I got an extra serving of chicken breast.

Move ahead to Thursday. I went to put my shoes on and I couldn’t bend my knee into a right angle to put a sock on. Sigh….

This is the injury that started the big downward spiral in the spring of 2010. Pain, swelling, cracking and popping – all signs of runner’s knee. Unlike spring 2010, I’m going to follow the recommended course of action:

  • First off: One of my good Twitter/FB friends asked about my shoes. Well, they’ve been in service since November. Of 2011. So the first thing I will do is retire one pair of Asics GT2160s.
  • Next: I will be taking some time off running until the pain and swelling is gone. Like really gone, not just convince myself gone. This was the huge mistake I made the last time around. I kept convincing myself that everything was good to go when it wasn’t. And it never really did until I shut down everything for good.
  • Third: In the interim, I will do some walking around the neighborhood (in a pair of shoes other than 2 year old Asics GT2160s).

Now for the grrrrrr!!!!! All this means that I’m probably going to go back to the beginning of the Higdon Spring Training Plan in a couple weeks. This is a real disappointment because I felt like I had just started making some real progress. Sigh. I mean Grrrr!!!!


  1. Boo! But congrats on the new gig! Hope you'll get to be home more (unless you liked being gone, haha). Heal up!

  2. You should try to find a good sports PT; I think that would really help you identify what exactly is happening and they can give you some specific exercises.

    I've been doing some 'power walking' with my ultra plan and wow, it really works muscles I never knew I had! Good stuff, that walking is!

    Heal quickly!

  3. Congratulations on the new job! Don't worry about starting over... you never really start completely over...