Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting Back on Track (Again)

Okay okay. So I took a week off. (And I was still brave enough to get on the scale Sunday).

The one thing I really want to keep in mind is the reason for coming back here. This time around it’s not about training and racing. I’m way too busy personally and professionally to commit the time required to do that. This time around it’s about losing the 40 pounds that I put on during the last two years. Soooo….

I’m not going to beat myself up over a missed jog. Like this past Sunday. I *did* head up to the hills with the intention of getting my weekly long wog in. But – here in Southern California, we’re suffering from a bit of our standard seasonal monsoonal flow. For us Southern Californians here in the L.A. area, the monsoons don’t mean thunderstorms, but it does mean heat and humidity. When I got up to Park Ridge a little after 8AM, it was already 78 degrees with stifling humidity. I was sweating after just putting my shoes on. Knowing it was only going to get worse, I decided to bag the run.

Instead, I came home, showered and got the Sunday weigh in in. The result? Gulp. A gain of a pound. Serves me right for also putting calorie tracking on the back shelf.

Instead of beating myself up for a missed run, I *will* beat myself up for being lax about tracking my food. Back on track this week!

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