Saturday, July 26, 2014

Getting Caught up

So – I bet you thought that this was going to be another “oops – was too busy this week” post, didn’t you? Well, I actually got my lazy ass out the door and got the calorie tracking back on track this week.

There are a couple of changes though. Seems that I wasn’t have too much trouble tracking to my old calorie targets, so I’ve decided to get a little more aggressive. Using, I’ve targeted 1.5 lb per week loss, which puts me on a daily calorie target of 1790. I had a couple hiccups early this week, but toward the end of the week, I was able to fall into a bit more of a routine.


Distance: 0

Calories: 95 over goal


Distance: 2.65 @ 15:36

Calories: 259 under goal


Distance: 0

Calories: 388 over goal (oops!)


Distance: 0

Calories: 19 over goal


Distance: 2.65 @ 16:12

Calories: 54 under goal

Next will be Sunday weigh in. I’ll see how many steps back I’ve taken the last three weeks.

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