Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 9 in the Books

Sorry about missing my post on Sunday. I was wrapped up in a project this past weekend. It was pretty much run work run work. I didn't even get the evening off for fireworks. I'll wrap the project up today. Don't feel sorry for me. The money's good, so it was worth it.

I did get my runs in though. Five recovery miles on Saturday and a 16 mile long run on Sunday. Hey - I found out Sunday morning - 16 miles is a long way! I checked out yet another new route that took off from mile 6 of the San Diego Creek trail that headed north toward the hills. It seemed like I kept going forever! Eight miles out into the bowels of Irvine. Past three freeways. Whew. And I lied about doing nothing but run work run work. It was actually run work run nap work. A long run really takes it out of me.

Week 9 wrapped up with 44.25 miles in the books. This is a new weekly record for me. To be sure, I am slowing down, but I feel pretty good this morning - especially after a 16 mile run yesterday. Long runs are still pretty intimidating, but at least I can see that a 20 miler is doable.

But, I don't need to worry about a 20 miler for a couple weeks yet. On the schedule this week (Week 10):

Monday: Rest day. I may get the erg down for an *easy* workout.
Tuesday: 10 miles - 5 miles GA followed by 5 miles at half marathon pace.
Wednesday: 5 recovery miles. Hit the gym for stretching and core work.
Thursday: 11 miles medium long run.
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: 17 mile long run.
Sunday: 5 recovery miles. Hit the gym.
Total: 48 miles.

I'm tired just thinking about this week. I'll get caught up on everyone's blogs later today. I promise!


  1. i am exhausted just looking at your schedule! i will get up to that mileage soon enough though. yikes.

  2. Oh man- I'm tired just READING about your week! lol Wow- 16 cool is that! Awesome!!!

  3. There seems to be a trend lately, where work and running takes up a huge chunk of the time.

    Great work on doing those awesome distances.

  4. Way to go on a good week. I remember completely blowing my 16 mile run before my marathon. Luckily, I came back with good runs on the 18 and 20 mile long run weeks.

  5. nice job on the long run! this week looks busy but get out there and handle it :)

  6. Nice job on the 16. You deserved a nap for SURE after that. :)