Monday, October 4, 2010

The Two “I”s …

...seem to have done the trick. When I got home after my run yesterday, I iced my knee and popped some ibuprofen. No pain today. Yea! Thanks Anne!

The run itself was just bleh. It was great to be out in the hills. On the other hand, it was pretty obvious that my training has been lacking. Granted – this was a 10 mile run with almost 2000 feet of elevation gain/loss. But 2:45 for 10 miles? Pretty pathetic. Just check out all the pauses:

Running Bommer Ridge-El Moro 10-3-2010

Most of those were to grab my knees to make sure they were still there or to look for quarters on the ground. In fact, the last mile had me reduced to a walk. Any attempt to run brought a heart rate spike that, frankly, served no training purpose.

As long as my knee is going to respond to the two “I”’s (ice and ibuprofen), I’ll get some training discipline back on track. This week’s modified schedule:

  • Monday: Scheduled rest day.
  • Tuesday: 5 miles. Will seek out a short trail run.
  • Wednesday: Rest day. This should be a 5 miler, but I need to take it easy on my knee for a while
  • Thursday: 4 easy miles. Hit up the back bay?
  • Friday: Scheduled rest day.
  • Saturday: 12 miles. Aliso/Woods Canyon?
  • Sunday: Rest day. See Wednesday
  • Total: 21 miles. I’ll see how my knee responds before making some adjustments next week.

Of course – this also does not bode well for the Long Beach (Half) Marathon on October 17th. But – I’m signed up, so I’ll make the best of it. It definitely won’t be an “A” race. At least Saturday night dinner should be good!*

*Note: The plans are in the works for dinner Saturday night. I have a couple phone calls to make to solidify everything, but if you’re going to be running the Long Beach Marathon/Half on the 17th and have no dinner plans – come join us! 6PM Saturday October 16th. Let me know you’re interested and I’ll forward the plans to you. We’d love to have you!

** And I do have a video that I’m  working on. Seems that I went crazy and took about 20 minutes of video on Saturday. I’m trying to reduce it down to three or four minutes of highlights. Unless I hear from you all that you’re suffering from insomnia….


  1. Ice yes, ibuprofen no. Several studies have found little actual performance benefit of taking ibuprofen and warn that it may mask pain, which can lead to increased risk of injury. Just something (more) to think about.

  2. Well I am glad your knee is feeling better. Mine - not so much. it pretty much ached all weekend for some reason and it hurts to push the clutch in on my car :( No fun.

  3. I am a fan of ice and ibuprofin. I understant what Kovas is saying, but I don't take Ibuprofin to enhance performance, I take it to reduce inflammation and reduce pain. You just have to be smart about it is all.

  4. Can I jump in here ... ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory ... it actually doesn't mask pain - tylenol does.

    people who find benefits from anti-inflammatory drugs can also get more benefit out of such things as ice baths

    So I guess I'm agreeing with Mandy, but you shouldn't mess with the Kovas - so now I'm afraid.

  5. I've been a member of the two "i's" club lately, it is a nice membership to have!

  6. what do you map on? i pause a lot too... remind me not to use whatever service you post your maps on! the fact that you're trucking along with 10miles on trails is great! hope the knees are feeling good.

  7. Look at what those two "i"s have conjured up in conversation!

    You should consider joining me and a few hundred others next weekend for that Camp Pendleton 10k that has me shaking in my shoes. That is, if the knee is willing.

  8. RICE=

    you can add another "i" for ibuprofen. Honestly, after my Disneyland Half-Marathon, I added a "v" for Vicodin.
    - @Tri2Thrive
    (aka @RobotSurgeon or just Jay)

  9. Hey Glenn - we will be in LB, hopefully we will get a chance to meet you - looks like its going to be quite the croud!!

  10. I know you're healing, and it looks like you're running on the South-side of LA, but I wanted to pass along this really beautiful route I got to do over the summer in the Santa Monica Mountains.

    Hope you start to feel better!