Thursday, September 30, 2010

Up for the Challenge

The weather was somewhat cooperative yesterday so I headed out onto Bommer Ridge in the mid afternoon. It was pretty warm and sticky (almost uncomfortable), but I put in an easy five miles on the ridgetop.

And just in case you thought *that* was the challenge – you are sooo wrong. A few days ago I was tagged by Patrick at The Road to list 10 random things about me. Sounds like fun, so here goes:

  1. I am a second generation native Los Angeleno. My dad was born here in 1930. My grandmother moved here at the age of 6 in the early 1900’s. Snap. Almost a third generation native
  2. My first choice for colleges (UC Irvine) was made based on my opportunity to surf everyday.
  3. I don’t surf anymore.
  4. I once played blackjack at the old Stardust in Las Vegas for 30 straight hours on $20.
  5. Speaking of Las Vegas – the only time I left that town with more money than I started with ($3 net profit), I got a speeding ticket on I-15 on the way home. Net loser again.
  6. My first car (a new 1975 Toyota Celica) cost less than my last big screen TV. It lasted 3 years more than the TV did. And when I sold it it was still running strong.
  7. Speaking of cars, I used to do all my own maintenance (oil changes, brakes, heck, I even replaced a clutch in my first car). These days I won’t even open the hood.
  8. I love to eat. In my college days I once hit up a Vegas buffet for 6 full plates of food. Then I hit the dessert bar. Maybe that’s why I have a name for this blog.
  9. I’m not much into touristy travel. I’ve never been to Europe or Asia. I’d much rather spend a week camping/fishing. But I did take a three week vacation to Iran in the 90’s. It took almost three months to get a visa.
  10. One of my bucket list items is to set foot in all 50 states. I’m up to 38. Trying to figure out how (or why) I’d get to the Dakotas (sorry Jerbear) or Maine (sorry Caratunk Girl).

So there you go. And I might as well play the other game too. If there’s something you want to ask me, go ahead – now’s your chance! I promise I’ll answer your question!


  1. I love that you said "Vegas" 3 times in this post. Vegas completes me! I can see going to Maine - it looks pretty - but I'm with ya on the Dakotas. (Sorry Dakota peeps!)

  2. That is some list. I am most amazed at that 30 hr blackjack playing on $20...wtheck? That's amazing. And I thought 3 hrs at the roulette table on $40 was amazing. I'm a noob.

  3. I hear that Acadia National Park is beautiful and that there are excellent running trails in the area though I've never been there myself. That's my sales pitch for Maine.

  4. LAME! Come see mt. rushmore that'll take care of sodak. There's nothing to see in N.D. so feel free to skip that. :p

  5. you are the blackjack king! 30 hours on $20 - amazing!

  6. i kinda want to see the world, but not in an uppity tourist "i summer in europe" kind of way. that laidback-ness from the college days is still inside you, i can tell :) which, that's a totally legit reason for picking a school. my friend picked a job in va beach because she could surf on her days off... (she's a vet)

  7. How to get to the Dakotas or Maine is easy, an airplane! I've only been to Portland, ME, but it was a nice little town, and a great place to eat. Omg, I was soooo stuffed on chowdah, mussels, clams, omg sooooo gooooood!!!!

  8. I'm not going to ask why you took a 3-week vaca to Iran when there's places like Greece and Italy and so on...I'll just take it there were reasons. Ha. My first car was an AMC Gremlin. Go ahead, cost me $345 and I had to take a LOAN out on it. Ha! Love your list, Glenn. No questions come to mind...just a quick reminder: don't lose my son next summer!! Hah. I just finished a 14er with him (sorta) and I have no desire to go up Mt. Whitney with you guys. Happy Weekend!

  9. Wow, that's really interesting. I haven't been to Vegas, but it seems like a neat place to visit. My first choice graduate school was significantly based on location.

  10. Damn! 6 Full Plates?!?! That's what I'm talking about! Hahah!

  11. Love your random facts. They say so much about you. (And I love the comparison of your TV and that Toyota.)

  12. Great list! I'm impressed by the 30 hours of blackjack! Have you been to Minnesota yet?