Friday, February 18, 2011

I’m Starting to Get Tired…

Of this crap. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

Somehow, Tuesday, after my restart of my restart of my restart to training, I’ve done something to wrench my lower back. I don’t think it had anything to so with my running, as much as the way I slouch in my chair when sitting*. What I *do* know is that the lower quadrant of my back has been painful since I got up Wednesday morning. It is very painful to move from a sitting to a standing position. Two months ago it was a knee. Two weeks ago it was a groin. Two days ago it became a back. It’s like I’m getting old or something……

As a result, I haven’t been on the rowing machine yet this week. I *am* heading out later today for the second “run” (5 min walk, 5 min LR pace times 3) on the plan. I’ll wrap up the week on Sunday with a 3 min walk, 7 min LR pace times 3.**

* My wife says I “sit on my back”. I say I’m just stretching across the Ottoman. Of course, it must be the Remote Control’s fault for tempting me in the first place.

** I’m heading out rain or shine. A word of warning for all who live to the east of the West Coast – we’re in for what is supposed to be a cold wet storm this weekend here in California. You know what that means for the rest of you in a couple days.


  1. sorry man, hopefully things are still getting on track in the longer term. This storm is really wreaking havoc on my plans...

  2. Blah! Yeah, I'm not too thrilled about the rain, either. I was supposed to get my long run done today so I can enjoy my weekend (i.e., spend Saturday in school and try to recoup my losses on Sunday/Monday). But I guess we're not drowning in snow, so I'm grateful for that!

  3. Hate to hear about your back.

    I was hoping for some good weather in California this next week while I am in the LA area.

    Time to stalk

  4. Lower back pain sucks. I have no advice except ice. And, as someone working on her posture, I feel you. Not having innate perfect posture makes for hard work trying to relearn how to sit and stand.

  5. Get that back healed Glenn - you're not old, so get that out of your mind!!! And you can keep the sloppy weather to yourself!

  6. Thankfully, those weather systems you guys have out West tend to stall over the Rockies and dump their loads there then rebuild after they pass Denver and then dump on the Midwest. Couldn't ask for better place to live!!! :) Well, aside from Southern Cali!

    Hang in there, Glenn. It will all work out with a little persistence.

  7. So sorry to hear this. Back issues are terrible. If you can, PHYSICAL THERAPY, PLEASE. If not, google it, or go to youtube for some exercises to help you out (I have been helped tremendously by youtube & physical therapy).

    Best of luck Glenn. I will be running the final Baz WTRS in this rain :0

  8. dang that remote control is always there isn't it!

    wrenched my trying to give a 13 week old puppy it's first bath.