Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank you!

The blogosphere is awesome! I asked a simple question last weekend and got some immediate answers. This week I am starting the Pfitzinger Recovery program. I’m going to modify it a bit to give me a couple rest days during the week, and will supplement non running days cross training on my rowing machine.

For the next couple of weeks, my running regimen will be pretty slow and boring, and a lot of other things are happening in life in general - so the blog updates will be few and far between. But I’ll be stalking reading all of your blogs – so don’t be surprised when you hear from me.

Thanks again blogosphere!


  1. Very cool website - thanks for the resource.

  2. Yeah, I'm glad you found that site! It helped me a ton!

  3. So glad you found an answer! Good luck!

  4. just keep at it Glenn ;-) Have a great weekend!