Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So That Really Blew Over

The weatherman (I know – not PC, but someone needs to take the blame) had forecast a weekend of doom here in Southern California. Rain starting on Friday. Up to 6 inches by the time the storm blew out on Monday. I was ready to face the elements Sunday. The total upshot? About a quarter of an inch Thursday night, and six tenths an inch Saturday night. So, as ready as I was to face the elements on Sunday, I ran in cool temperatures to blue bird skies and big white puffy clouds. How boring can it get? Hmmph.

My wogging is on track. My back is still a little tender, but about five minutes into a run, everything seems to warm up and the pain goes away. I’m relieved it seems to only be a muscle strain of some type. I’m hoping to get up on the rowing machine by the end of the week.

Speaking of training:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: (2 minute walk, 8 minute slow run) times 3
  • Wednesday: Cross train. I’m going to attempt a 30 minute rowing session
  • Thursday: (10 minute slow run, 2 minute walk) times 3
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: (12 minute slow run, 2 minute walk) times 3
  • Sunday: Cross train.

I’m slowly working my way back. The really good news is my knee and groin are 100%. I’m hoping my fragile psyche doesn’t shatter during the next few weeks. I really miss things like this this past weekend. Grrrrrr….


  1. Gotta take those 100% where you can get 'em. I've happy being in the 80-percent range on most body parts these days. Hope the wogging continues to treat you well.

  2. YAY for 100% - sounds like things are on the upturn for you. I hope it continues!

  3. This weekend is also supposed to be rainy. =(

  4. Despite that crazy weather, it is so good to hear that the knee and groin is 100%!!!

  5. 100% marks are always good! You have to love the low performance expectations that come with being a weatherman...

  6. ::sends gentle hug in Glenn's direction::

  7. Maybe you misheard him, and he really said six-tenths ;)

    Sorry to hear your Sunday run was ruined ... :-p Glad the aches have subsided and hopefully your back will ease up soon as well.

    Exercise makes you feel good!

  8. We had a glimpse of good weather last week, and running felt awesome. Then Mother nature decided to be cruel and dump another 9 inches of snow on us. Booo! I miss days like those! Nice, sunny, clear!

  9. 100% is awesome!!!

    We're about to be hit by a very cold and wet storm. If I can't get it done today outside, it will have to wait until Sunday.