Monday, August 8, 2011

Well, If I had an Excuse….

I’m starting tomorrow.* And my last excuse has been taken from me with the discovery of my HRM strap. Now I can train efficiently**.

Are you coming back from an injury or a lengthy absence? Just getting started? Why don’t you join me? I swear that if you follow the plan that I am, we’ll all be better off in a few months.

This week: Starting from scratch:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 3 miles
  • Saturday: 6 miles

* No. My dusting of my right shoulder isn’t because of dandruff.

** Now for the editorial:

I always get all kinds of comments about the virtues or lack thereof of heart rate based training. All I know is that it worked for my kids when two of them were serious athletes (two rowers in my family). I’ll address the whole heart rate vs. effort based training in a few weeks when my runs start lengthening out.


  1. I'm a firm believer in HR training, you stop becoming obsessed with the clock plus will work your muscles the way they're suppose to! You got a great plan for the week there! If, by chance, you want to stray away for weekend, though, we need another male runner for our relay!! :)

  2. This is what I like to see! As you know I just discovered the joy of HRM usage and I love getting all that data. I didn't think that I was a numbers person until my Garmin and HRM proved me wrong.

  3. Seems like I'm 'coming back' way more often than I'd like. But today is the first day of the rest of your life, or something like that...

  4. Uh oh, time to get the spreadsheets and graphs out. Can't wait to see the results Glenn!

  5. Go Glenn go!
    I mostly lurk and have been a little dismayed by your dismay. So let me tell you how much your trailrunning videos inspire me. I don't know why, exactly, but hearing someone huffing and puffing, to the sound of gravel and dirt crunching underfoot really helps me get motivated for my own huffing and puffing on the trails. Stick with it! Think less; just do!

  6. I'd love to hear your take on both sides. I guess I do effort based training, mostly because I think that heart rate monitors are just uncomfortable!