Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Sad State of Basketball in L.A.

If you’re a basketball fan, you have no doubt heard about the turmoil in the front office of the #1 basketball team here in L.A. Well, thank goodness we have a second team in town! Yes! The Clippers are on a tear, and I was able to watch them hand Miami their heads on a platter while on the treadmill tonight. Ha ha ha! Sigh.

Plan: 3 miles

Actual: 3.04 miles

Calorie budget:

  • Standard budget: 2030
  • Exercise adjustment: +455 calories
  • Total budget: 2485 calories
  • Total consumed: 1891
  • Calorie surplus/(deficit): 594


  1. Dont follow sports but that sounds like a winner! Nice one on the surplus.

  2. Basketball? We used to have a team here in Detroit!

  3. No "Showtime" eh?? But you have who needs a front office ;-)