Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ugh. Disabled List

That's right. After two whopping days I find myself on the DL. Turns out I have a condition known as Spondylosis. It's an old man disease that presents as lumbar pain. And yesterday it was a doozy. Sitting was fine. Heck even picking up things was fine. But stand up straight and walk? No way no way no way!

Plus, the really interesting thing is how this flare up happens. I was working at my desk happy as a clam Thursday morning. By lunch I was in pain! Thank goodness it didn't hurt too much to fly home (like I'm going to let this keep me in Sacramento).

The last little flare upnof this was a few years (three or four) back. All I can really do is rest and eat NSAIDs. So, I've been quaffing Motrin for the last day. I'm happy to report that the pain has moved from my left hip (yesterday morning) to my right lumbar region (last night) back to my left hip(this morning). Now if I can just get the shaman controlling the voodoo doll to take the pin out, I should be in ship shape by Monday. Atleast in walking shape.

The worst part of this is the other complications that come along with the sore back. For example, being sedentary, my other malady, fork to mouth disease, has a tendency to manifest itself.

Plan: 2 miles

Actual: 0 inches

Calorie budget:

  • Food budget: 2030 calories
  • Exercise allowance: 0 calories
  • Total budget: 2030 calories
  • Total consumed: 2265
  • Surplus/(deficit): (235) Two days in a row. How many until it's a habit?U


  1. I think it's courageous of you to continue to count calories...I know that when I stop exercising, I stop paying attention to that aspect as well.

    What you've got sounds painful. Hang in there.

  2. I've had serious back issues since pulling a muscl and discovering herniated discs in March. I truly feel your pain, Glenn.

  3. Ugh, that sounds painful! I'm so sorry. Can Physical Therapy help??? My son the xc runner has back issues and PT helps a lot...but it's sciatic nerves which is different I guess. Hope you're back to running soon!

  4. ugh! no fun. any back pain just sucks. hope it heals up!