Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Little Brain Cramp Here

It happened Sunday. I gathered my gear and headed to Pacific Ridge. Got a prime parking spot (sometimes a challenge here), opened my trunk to change into my shoes and started searching. And searching. And searching. Hmm.

Needless to say, the run on Sunday didn’t happen.


Distance: 0

Calories: 323 over (yikes!)


Distance: 0

Calories: Put away for the day. Enjoyed dinner at Morton’s (the Cajun spiced rib eye was the bomb!)


Distance: 0

Calories: Got lazy

Sunday Weigh In: Down one pound. Down 6 pounds since tracking here started.


Distance: 0

Calories: 52 calorie deficit

By the way – shoes were on the floor in the family room – right where I left them….