Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Who Dimmed the Lights?

Well – I finally got out for some exercise on Sunday. I headed up to Pacific Ridge Trailhead for Father’s Day. I guess it’s what a dad does when an empty nester.

I made good headway to my turnaround point at the Old Emerald Trail junction.

I got turned around and headed back when a few minutes later the lights  actually started to dim! I started feeling nauseous, sweating profusely, and started seeing stars. I took a few steps off the trail, found a flat rock and had a good sit down. The only other time I had ever felt like this was a few years back when I tumbled off a rowing machine in full pass out mode. At that time, I had a full sugar Coke and recovered in a few minutes.  Of course, this time I had no fuel - nothing other than a handheld with some water. All I could do was be patient. I still had two miles out to the car, and I was determined to not get there in the back of a ranger’s truck. Eventually the feeling passed, and I got back on the trail.

I took it easy up and down the undulating ridge top and made it back to the car, no worse for wear. Except of course for the bruised ego. Next weekend? Breakfast first!


Distance: 0

Calories: Took part of the day off


Distance: 0

Calories: Broke my 30 day tracking streak


Distance: 6.35 miles @ 15:44 per mile

Calories: Hey! It’s Father’s Day!

Sunday Weigh In: Flat (as in no gain or loss for the week). It’s what I earned for essentially taking the week off!


Distance: 0

Calories: 342 deficit (okay – back on the wagon)

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